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SecureCRT – Echo Flow Control Paste


To help prevent overwhelming network devices while pasting in large configuration files, user miked on the Van Dyke forums provided a script that you can use in SecureCRT.

miked: Demonstrates how to send data from the clipboard to a remote system, sending each line one at a time and waiting for prior lines to be echoed back by the remote system before moving on with sending subsequent lines. This is one approach to prevent overwhelming remote hosts like cisco devices that don’t implement any SSH flow control and therefore are incapable of accepting data as fast as SecureCRT normally sends it.


  • Download the script and save it somewhere you can browse for it in later steps; once downloaded, remove the .txt file extension so SecureCRT recognizes it.
  • The script can be downloaded from the aforementioned post.
    • PasteWithEchoFlowControl.vbs.txt – VBS script for Windows users.
    • PasteWithEchoFlowControl.py.txt – Python script for Linux users.

SecureCRT Configuration

  1. In SecureCRT menus, select View > Button Bar.


  1. Right click on the button bar (bottom of window) and select New Button.


  1. A Map Button window will appear; in the Function menu, choose Run Script.


  1. Enter a label to describe the button (ie. Echo Flow Control Paste), click the ‘…’ to browse to wherever you have the script file saved.


  1. Click OK, and the new button will be in the button bar.


Now when the button is hit the script will run and paste the clipboard contents, waiting for each line to be echo’ed before sending the next line.

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